I Have An Idea

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The Part Time Mayor is passing the hat around:

(From Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt)
To the people of Invercargill and Southland, Christmas is a wonderful time of year – when the Kiwi tradition is for us to gather with our loved ones to celebrate, spend time together and share special meals.
I don’t like the thought of people being alone on Christmas Day – and I’m sure many of you don’t either. So this year, I and other like-minded people, are organising a Christmas lunch at the Scottish Hall for those people, who would otherwise be alone.
But we need help – and I am reaching out to you in the hope that you may be able give what you can. We need donations of food and gifts. So if you are looking for a way to contribute, this would be a great help. Your donation will ensure these people can enjoy Christmas just like your own families.
Listed in the advertisement below are the items we need. If you can assist by providing any of them, or have questions about the event, please contact the Mayoral Office on 211 1777 or by emailing xmas.appeal@icc.govt.nz by 5pm on Friday 5 December.


I know how he could pay for this:

Airport directorship = $19,270 (at least, it’s gone up to maybe $19,700)

Mayoral salary = $107,522

There’s $126,700, not to mention the other sidelines we know (wink, wink) about, and of course his other part-time job.

Perhaps he could make a donation himself.

I say this because it seems pretty rude for a guy who has overseen some of the most profligate and unwarranted spending of other people’s money in Invercargill’s recent history to ask others to stump up for it.

He was, after all, only to happy to give his mate Murray Francis money to essentially do nothing.  P’raps Muzz could rock up with a tablecloth?

The Facepalm Brothers

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Two chaps, both in charge of Council-owned companies, clearly don’t read their Council papers.

They took grumpy Cllr Arnold to task in today’s fish n chipper in a story written by Evan “Don’t Mind There’s No Story, I’ll Beat It Up Into Something That’s Not There” Harding (sadly the story is not online, and Evvie, it’s “principle”, not “principal”).


And it’s clearly early onset dementia for Old Duffer Sycamore:

dufferWell, newsflash, chaps.  The costs were all detailed in the report, neither of you spoke against it or voted against it, and the report was very clear as to the fact the resolution was that the Council was voting for the unit to go ahead.

So the question has to be asked – do they read their Council papers?  And isn’t the fact they clearly don’t more of a story?

Breathing A Sigh Of Relief

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I’ll bet the Kremlin is stoked they weren’t included in the local authorities selected for this:

However, the ratio of forecast renewals expenditure to depreciation in local authorities’ 2012-22 long-term plans also shows a downward trend in asset reinvestment. If actual spending trends continue to match those forecast, we estimate that, by 2022, the gap between asset renewals expenditure and depreciation for the local government sector could be between $6 billion and $7 billion.

Spending according to budget is only sensible and appropriate if the budget is likely to be a good guide of what should be spent. Infrastructure assets also typically have long useful lives. This means that we cannot draw firm conclusions on the basis of the forecast and actual financial information available for analysis.

These spending trends raise questions about local government asset planning, depreciation practices, and capital expenditure management. They should prompt each local authority to review these factors and consider whether there are better ways to plan and manage capital investment and development, and future funding. Local authorities should consider the effect of life-cycle costs – including operations and maintenance, renewals, and deprecation – during the life of the asset alongside their financial strategies and funding mechanisms.

The director of works and services has been racing to catch up for the last four years while his colleagues piss money away on pulp-grade forests, yacht races, and skate parks (not to mention the $1 million-plus on the Museum whims of a Councillor with nothing to show for it).

Core business.  It’s pretty simple.

The uncalled capital debacle rolls into the Council chamber again this afternoon.

It should be euthanised once and for all.  But will it?

Air New Zealand Monopoly.

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I arrived nice and early at Queenstown airport on Thursday, looking forward to hitting Wellington for business stuff.

Boarding time approached and I found myself sitting watching three Air New Zealand crew members eating their breakfast.  I noticed that Gary (more about him later) was taking a particularly long time to eat his particularly small salad and commented to my travelling companion that he should eat a bit faster as there was bound to be a plane with his name on it somewhere.

Shortly afterwards, our flight boarding was delayed due to “operational issues”.  It was going to be touch and go as to whether we would make our connecting flight in Christchurch.

As it was, we missed the connecting flight and arrived in Wellington nearly two hours late.  Which kinda ruined my day.

Guess what the “operational issue” was?

Yep, Gary, Nicole, and the other goobery bastard whose name I didn’t write on my boarding pass appeared unable to arrange their own breakfast before coming to work and had held up 50-odd people heading to Nelson, Wellington and Auckland while they ate their breakfast really slowly in front of us.

Gary then undid his Air NZ-issue waistcoat on the plane so he looked like a shambolic, pot-bellied Dave Allen while serving coffee and tea.

The ultimate “in my face” came when, as we were descending into Christchurch, Gary wandered the cabin handing out new boarding passes to those of us who had been re-booked on later flights.  They didn’t have a printer on board, so they knew we were going to miss our connecting flight before we even left Queenstown.

I’m still unsure as to why I didn’t create a scene with Gary and Nicole on the flight.  I can only put it down to the fact I was gobsmacked.

Air New Zealand has just announced cuts to regional flights.  I can see why for some of them, but after the Queenstown experience, I think there’s a creeping arrogance that comes with monopoly status and the national carrier might just be ready to keep pushing the envelope to the point where we have one flight a day in and out of Invercargill and passive encouragement to fly from Queenstown.

It’s a slippery slope, a bit like Gary’s salad….

Run, Run, Run, Just As Fast As You Can…

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It seems that rather than have to front up to give evidence at any substantive employment hearing into the reinstatement of the Sadford School principal, those complainants who know their evidence is easily discredited are making other plans.

Like leaving the country.  Yep, to avoid being called out.

Obviously they’ve never heard of Skype or that most courts are well set up for videoconferencing.

Or perhaps it could be they’re worried about their reputation.

Well, newsflash.

When you have form for being economical with the truth when it suits, that sort of thing follows you from job to job.  Even overseas.

tegan  This hearing is going to be fun.  Watch the false accusation dominoes fall.


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Sadford returns.  The things some teachers told in evidence need to be put forward, as it could be of assistance to Isla Bank, Aparima College, Gorge Road and others getting heat from the Ministry of Reducation’s statutory management.

Just to recap.  According to the Education Review Office, a review entails:

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?

Exactly.  Sounds great on paper.

ERO wants to know how well your school uses its self review and the information it collects on the achievement of all students to improve teaching and learning.

So how do they do it?

ERO’s conclusions are based on evidence…You can be confident your review will be fair and transparent.

Righto.  Evidence-based, fair and transparent.

So what’s this from a teacher at Sadford?


Why had ERO spoken to ex-staff members before the 2012 visit?  Seems odd, given the pre-visit materials are just for the Board of Trustees and current teachers….but hang on….


Why would they do that?


Hang on.  Doesn’t that fly in the face of ERO’s complaints policy?  And remember, the principal was blindsided by all of this on the first day of the review and not given the substance of the complaints until months later.

More about Karyn later.


Staff turnover?  Show me a school in Invercargill that doesn’t lose all its teachers once they complete their two-year teacher registration post-College and piss off to Tauranga or overseas.

Chris Rowe might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer and clearly needs an update on ERO’s code of conduct and complaints policy.


Anyway, back to the teechurs:


This teacher obviously doesn’t know how ERO visits work.  It’s a bit like the day before internal audit do their annual well-publicised visit.  Folders are put in order, document management systems are cleaned up, and any dodgy invoicing gets burnt.  In short, because you have plenty of warning, senior management want the school to look perfect.  ERO would work much better as an unannounced flying squad, although most schools would then be under statutory management.

But I digress.  This is the best bit from what I have got so far, and sums up the mentality of the anonymous militant teachers at Sadford.


Oh, your boss unfriended you?  Hardly worthy of an affadavit.  We have more.  It will come soon.  But this indicates the level of stupid and unethical behaviour, from the teachers through to ERO, that those other schools have to look forward to.