Tomorrow’s News Today

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Normally, it takes about five days for the Part Time Mayor’s fish n chipper column to appear online.

This time, though, it’s a day early!

Still nothing of any interest about what he’s doing to make the city a better place, but there was this interesting tidbit:


Presents?  My experience in local government is that to avoid all semblance of ‘buying favours’, an email goes out to suppliers and contractors well before Christmas saying “no gifts to staff or Councillors, thank you very much.  Perhaps make a donation to charity instead.”.  Any ratepayers stupid enough to drop off booze or food are warmly thanked and then the stuff goes out the back door to the Salvation Army foodbank.

What does it say in the Kremlin code of conduct (not that anyone follows it anyway)?


Reported to the chief executive?  So he can write them in a gifts register?  If I recall correctly, no such thing exists in Esk Street.

It’s easier and safer to respectfully decline them.  Now, where is my LGOIMA template?

Did you wonder…

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…why you didn’t get a Christmas card from the Kremlin this year?

Well, here’s what they sent out:


The front is innocuous enough.  It’s the inside that gives it away though:


Ah, of course.  How typical.

Thanks to TNA for reminding me about these “very ‘umble” geezers:

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

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The well-paid and under-worked Sadford School Commissioner has written to parents, in part:


Well, at least, I’m up front about who I am, unlike the anonymous complainants who kicked off this sorry scandal in June 2012 with claims which have since been proven to completely false.

Anyway, we’re pulling together the final strands of the investigation into this whole sorry business.  I came across something interesting.  In June 2012, the school was happy to accept anonymous complaints against the principal.

What changed between then and September, when the principal was still waiting to be advised of the substance of the anonymous complaints?


We have discovered this complaint went un-investigated because…it was anonymous.

It ties in nicely with other material we have though, so we’ve investigated it.  Watch this space for more incredible double standards and hypocrisy.

None Of These Apply To Southland Local Bodies

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None of the items below could ever be said of a Southland council CEO.  And no, I’m not being nasty, it’s actually true:

  1. Display excellent strategic vision.
  2. Have a strong customer focus.
  3. Create a climate of reciprocal trust.
  4. Display fearless loyalty to doing what’s right for the organization and customer.
  5. Put their faith in a culture that magnifies upward communication.
  6. Are persuasive. .
  7. Excel at setting stretch goals.
  8. Emphasize speed.
  9. Are candid in their communication.
  10. Inspire and motivate through action.

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman have mooted these as an initial discussion on the 10 traits of innovative leaders.

I offer these on this blog to those doing the next chief executive reviews and recruitment at the local Councils.  Because Southland desperately needs all 10.

Any Kind Of Music On Odd Days December

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This one comes with a hat tip to Chopper Junior who has been playing this in the car this week.  The video isn’t much chop, but it’s a catchy tune:

The Problem In A Nut(case)shell

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I’ve handled a lot of high quality print jobs in my time.  $15-$20 per booklet is gold-plated printing.  And an enormous waste of ratepayer funding. And as the 90,000-odd ratepayers who pay for this profligacy are stakeholders, what’s going on there?  Will a book be passed between every 900 people?

No wonder staff are leaving the place faster than ever.  At least the departures mean the community development and events area can be reviewed properly now.