There’s A Hole In The (Money) Bucket

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Because someone is leaking.

Fortunately for the elected members, we know it isn’t them, due to the level of detail given in this public relations piece.  So which of the two senior Kremlin staff involved in discussions made up this self-serving story?

We know that one of the two senior Kremlin staff loves having cosy chit chats over coffee with the fish n chipper, and is desperate to slot Rugby Park under the wing of long-suffering ratepayers to try and gain the undeserved respect he so craves, despite being incapable of organising a piss up in a brewery.

Unfortunately, the story omits a few crucial points.  One, what does it say in the Draft Annual Plan?


Hmmm.  That’s a bit at odds with what it says in the story.

Two, omitting the Park from the Draft Annual Plan means the Kremlin has triggered section 83 of the Local Government Act and must now go through a Special Consultative Procedure.  It is, after all, a “significant asset” according to the Part-Time Mayor.

The press release story seems confident the transfer will go through.

Given that Councillors have been given no detail on:

  • The cost of deferred maintenance
  • The cost of ongoing maintenance
  • The cost of earthquake strengthening
  • and answers as to why the Trust/Rugby Southland have not bothered to try and create any revenue streams,

if it does get through the Council meeting (which in itself is dubious as the Part-Time Mayor and Cllr Dennis are already ruled out of voting), then those Councillors who vote for it need a kick up the arse for abrogating their fiduciary responsibility to ratepayers.

As for the fish n chipper, well…you’ve been played like a $2 Shop flute.

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Think

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A helpful and well-meaning letter writer wrote to the fish and chipper:

All the hoo-ha over the debacle with Rugby Park can be handled in two easy ways: You can get every rugby club in Southland to fundraise for the upkeep of the outdoor stadium.

You can have three Southland-wide games at Rugby Park; two on Saturday (1.30pm and 3pm) and one on Sunday.

I heard from my mum that her father used to have a season ticket for this.

You could have athletics there again.

Given that rugby clubs can barely keep their heads above water thanks to the under-investment in grassroots footy in the South (cheers, Roger Clark and Paul Menzies), I don’t think the first point would be a goer.

I like the idea of playing three games at the Park on a weekend though – but instead of having a Sunday game, what about having a Friday night match?  The ILT would love it, and everyone knows Friday night’s a great night for football…

Yet More Discrepancies

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Let’s just grab some figures from Rugby Southland’s accounts and compare them to those of the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust.  I’m just grabbing random years as the pattern is the same throughout:

Rugby Southland grounds and facilities expenditure 2009: $117,623

SOST grounds expenditure 2009: $71,335.

Now, having been a regular out at the Sandy Point grounds since 2002, I know they spend bugger all on grounds and facilities there, and certainly not $100K+ every year.  I doubt the figure would even touch $5,000 per annum.

So the question has to be asked, how much of that $100K+ is spent at Rugby Park and why is this cross-subsidisation not being picked up?

It’s not smoke and mirrors – it’s complete arrogance by Rugby Southland who think they can get away with treating the paying public like morons, and gross stupidity by the Kremlin who clearly aren’t doing due diligence.

We haven’t finished with their selective accounting yet either, but work calls….


I wonder if they would have realised more cash via trademe?



*cheers, anal retentive

You Think Auckland Property Prices Are Mental?

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Check out Invercargill’s latest million dollar house!  The government valuation is only $138,000…hang on….methinks someone shouldn’t have had a liquid lunch before inputting the figures….



Let’s Sum Up

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So far we have:

  • A vehicle for accounting purposes for Rugby Southland, which hasn’t;
    • Bothered to create any new revenue streams from it, even small ones,
    • Run it down to the point where it requires $200K* per annum just for running costs,
    • Pays Rugby Southland $150,005 per annum for *ahem* ‘administration’,
    • And is overvalued on its balance sheet.
  • We also have;
    • The part-time Mayor ruled out of voting by saying: “I admit I’m a little biased because I’m one of the few city councillors who has played senior rugby in Southland. I have witnessed how important club rugby is in rural communities. I also believe rugby is part of our national identity.”
    • Another councillor ruled out by dint of being the chair of a major funder of the massive fuckup  Park
    • And another potentially ruled out because he has been shooting his mouth off as usual about the non-decision made, but his mind is firmly made up (don’t worry, on the record will come soon)

There is nothing here that should point to the Kremlin taking this weeping sore over without first saying to Rugby Southland and the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust “how about trying to run it properly yourself first?”

I don’t believe that basic concept has been tried yet.

* I should point out the running costs in the latest set of accounts available from the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust put running costs at $91,247.  The other $393,149 is made up of $150,005 for *ahem* ‘administration’, $203,444 for depreciation, and $38,300 in interest. Being on this Trust set up by Roger Clark is a bit like being given hepatitis C for your birthday.

** I’d also like the welcome the latest Councillor who has just signed up to follow this blog.  We almost have the full set now.  Can you please keep feeding us tidbits, as Cllr Arnold has cited some ethereal concept called “ethics” whenever we ask her about stuff, and as I don’t go to Three Bean Cafe any more, I don’t have the benefit of hearing your other colleague big note on secret issues.  The email address is here.

Get Real

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It hurts Leicester Rutledge to think of Rugby Park’s future being in doubt.

“If someone came into my house and said ‘right, I’m going to take your home away from you’, I guess it’s the same feeling,” the Southland rugby centurion, life member, former Stags coach, manager and All Black said.

If you didn’t pay your mortgage, then I guess it’s tough shit.

Once again, Rugby Southland puts together the worst PR campaign ever.