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Sadford returns.  The things some teachers told in evidence need to be put forward, as it could be of assistance to Isla Bank, Aparima College, Gorge Road and others getting heat from the Ministry of Reducation’s statutory management.

Just to recap.  According to the Education Review Office, a review entails:

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?

Exactly.  Sounds great on paper.

ERO wants to know how well your school uses its self review and the information it collects on the achievement of all students to improve teaching and learning.

So how do they do it?

ERO’s conclusions are based on evidence…You can be confident your review will be fair and transparent.

Righto.  Evidence-based, fair and transparent.

So what’s this from a teacher at Sadford?


Why had ERO spoken to ex-staff members before the 2012 visit?  Seems odd, given the pre-visit materials are just for the Board of Trustees and current teachers….but hang on….


Why would they do that?


Hang on.  Doesn’t that fly in the face of ERO’s complaints policy?  And remember, the principal was blindsided by all of this on the first day of the review and not given the substance of the complaints until months later.

More about Karyn later.


Staff turnover?  Show me a school in Invercargill that doesn’t lose all its teachers once they complete their two-year teacher registration post-College and piss off to Tauranga or overseas.

Chris Rowe might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer and clearly needs an update on ERO’s code of conduct and complaints policy.


Anyway, back to the teechurs:


This teacher obviously doesn’t know how ERO visits work.  It’s a bit like the day before internal audit do their annual well-publicised visit.  Folders are put in order, document management systems are cleaned up, and any dodgy invoicing gets burnt.  In short, because you have plenty of warning, senior management want the school to look perfect.  ERO would work much better as an unannounced flying squad, although most schools would then be under statutory management.

But I digress.  This is the best bit from what I have got so far, and sums up the mentality of the anonymous militant teachers at Sadford.


Oh, your boss unfriended you?  Hardly worthy of an affadavit.  We have more.  It will come soon.  But this indicates the level of stupid and unethical behaviour, from the teachers through to ERO, that those other schools have to look forward to.

That Little Whiny Apologist Anonymous Emailer…

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sent me another email:

…you don’t have anything positive to say.  It’s grate (sic) we have a Highlanders (sic) game down here.  What would you do, smartass (sic)?

Funny you should mention that, because I have given quite a bit of thought to this over the years, and it’s zero-cost with no need for Kremlin involvement:


There are (at least) 12 rugby/league fields at Sandy Point which lie idle for much of the year.  They are sand-based (so always playable), have reasonable shelter to the South, and whilst Rugby Southland has let the shower/toilet facilities go, it wouldn’t take much to pull them up to standard.

Part two is that there are a large number of silly old sods of a certain age (I include myself in this) who love having an excuse to go to Golden Oldies rugby tournaments.  Not all of them can afford to go to the World Golden Oldies, but love an excuse to play some code and get on the brown sandwiches.

Let’s say a well-promoted (e.g. at least 12 months in advance) Golden Oldies tourney was set up for Labour Weekend.

You aim for the following:

  • At least 20 teams (should be easily do-able) paying $600 entry fees = $12,000
  • Selling the booze rights to the ILT or other booze providers = $ negotiable.  Why more organisations don’t do this, I don’t know.  And Sandy Point is outside the ILT catchment area so they can’t blackmail you into it.
  • As above for food and incidentals on site.
  • Sponsorship rights to someone (Viagra/Avigra maybe…but someone who can nail the captive audience)

You encourage the teams to camp out at the grounds, jack up entertainment through the Cabbage Tree (a short stumble back to the tent) or SIT’s muso students, and the poncy ones (from Canterbury) can stay in town if they want to.

Think Glastonbury meets rugby.  I went to a sevens tournament in Wanaka years and years ago and about five of the teams camped in army tents at the adjacent camping ground.  It was grand.

They arrive Friday night, play footy Saturday and Sunday, head home Monday of the long weekend.

With a few adjustments and refinements, it’s a winner for all, and not a bit of ratepayer funding required.  And then grow it through making it the unmissable post-season rugby event for the proles.

Sevens, Golden Oldies, and womens rugby all on one site.

One would think, given Rugby Southland staff have nothing to do at this time of year, that they might be on to it, except we know the fishheads there can’t organise anything with spending too much.


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Imagine if $12 million was spent on attracting business and being business-friendly, rather than some increasingly unused shopping precincts and a Building department more concerned with policing than facilitating?

Someone has.

NB I am not saying the Kremlin should be spending $12 million on attracting business.  But this is a much better use of time and effort than digging up Esk St repeatedly to satisfy Norman’s An Ambulance’s inflated ego.

Should Have Played It In Queenstown….

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Proving the old saying “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, we find this today:

The Highlanders will play a Super Rugby game in Invercargill next season.  Highlanders general manager Roger Clark confirmed the franchise would take on the Chiefs in a May 30 game at Rugby Park.

May 30 is Queens Birthday weekend, a time when people in the Deep South usually go away for three days.  Ask any rugby club manager who has tried in vain to find a playing XV (let alone XXIII) for fixtures around this date.

Most other people don’t tend to come to Invercargill for Queens Birthday, given the weather is fairly chilly around that time.


Support has been offered by the Invercargill Licensing Trust and Invercargill City Council.

You can understand the ILT doing it, as up to 50 rugby players plus another 20-odd hangers-on means plenty of room bookings and meals, but the Kremlin?

The Highlanders will manage the game, with assistance from Rugby Southland and the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust, and will assume all the financial risk.

So if the Highlanders are assuming all the financial risk (if there’s a loss, Roger will just ring his personal pal Steve Tew for a bailout), why does it need Kremlin support?

Some people just don’t think.  I’m picking a crowd of 5,000 at best, and that’s only if she’s a cracking day weather-wise.

UPDATE:  Scratch 5,000.  It’s Gold Guitars weekend as well.  3,000.

It’s Getting Out of Control

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Let’s go back to the Sadford School Education Review Office report that dropped the school in the crapper for a start:


There’s two relevant omissions from the “Leadership of the Principal” section.  Firstly, these anonymous complaints were made to the Education Review Office on the first day of their visit.

The Education Review Office has a very clear complaints policy.  It makes it very clear that complaints, if anonymous, should be ignored unless they suggest criminal activity (of which there was none in the Sadford case) or the complaints should be referred through the School’s own complaints policy.  This did not happen.

Secondly, anyone who sat through the Employment Relations Authority hearing would have heard all these complaints rebutted or thrown out as false.

The Education Review Office ignored its own policy.  The inept Sadford Board of Trustees at the time ignored its own complaints policy and went straight to the Spanish Inquisition.

Finally, the review says, under “Governance” that

The board advised ERO that it was unaware of the concerns and complaints until the time of this review, and therefore it had not had the opportunity to investigate and resolve them. ERO believes that the board needs to consider how it might have processes in place to prevent such a situation arising in the future

The Board did have processes in place, but the Education Review Office aided and abetted the anonymous complainants by accepting these complaints without referring the complainants to the School’s own complaints procedure.

The Board chair was inept.  But she was left hanging by the advice she sought from the NZ School Trustees Association (more on them later) and the Board’s highly paid Wellington barrister.

The whole point to this is that all the other schools starting to fall under the awful waste of money that is statutory management are generally ending up there because “anonymous” or outright false complaints are being taken as gospel by the Ministry of Education and/or the Education Review Office.

There is an enormous pile of shit about to fall out of the bottom of the poorly-managed school system, and those teachers who think they can follow the advice of their aberrant colleagues or the teacher unions had better be careful….

How Much Is Being Wasted On This School Wrecking?

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What do this, this and this have in common?  Why is the Ministry of Education not seeing the bigger picture?  And will the teacher unions face any repercussions when their little plans are called out?

There is a massive potential embarrassment for the Education Minister on the horizon and she is going to be mightily pissed if she hasn’t been briefed.

The Labour Leadership

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Apparently the 40 Days in the Wilderness, paid for by you stupid taxpayers, ends on Tuesday.

Labour, again apparently, wants someone who appeals to the average voter, is someone you could have a beer with, and isn’t gay.  Oh, and despite their ‘hoes before bros‘ policy, a bloke.

So, with all that in mind, we can reveal the new leader of the Labour Party two days in advance, and he’s definitely available to start immediately: