Invercargill Over The Last Three Elections

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Firstly, total Party vote:


Clearly, winners (NZ First) and losers (Labour and the Greens) there.

As a percentage of the total Party vote cast, it is even more stark:


Labour didn’t care about Invercargill – and it shows.  The interesting thing was that, like Eric Roy before her, my straw poll of commie pinkos had all met Sarah Dowie during the campaign.  Whether they liked her or not was another thing – but none had seen Lesley Soper.

Invercargill likes the personal touch, and Soper never had it.  Finally, a little bird tells me that the convention of the Labour candidate going to the National Party pissup to concede (and vice versa if the shoe is on the other foot) never happened last night.

No one likes a sore loser.

Oh, and one other thing.  Labour can’t understand why Cunliffe couldn’t gain traction against John Key.  There’s a long-held truism in marketing and advertising that one should always speak in the vernacular of the target audience you are trying to reach.

Key did this with every group of people he spoke to.  Cunliffe consistently came across as a pompous twat, unable to adapt to his audience.  It’s as simple as that.  David Shearer would have had a far better chance.

Sums It Up, Really

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The Labour candidate has this on her website:

lesIn other words, I have nothing to say.

Here’s the other side:

jkSee the difference?

The main thing I would like to see after tomorrow is a wholesale cleanout of the Press Gallery by APN and Fairfax.  Get in some younger journos with a knowledge of political history and get rid of the navel gazers and typewriter interviewers.  Anyway, that’s that, and comments are closed on this due to our draconian electoral laws.

I am well and truly sick of reading the opinion of Ngaire of Tawa who thinks John Key is “DonKey” and Bruce of New Plymouth who thinks David Cunliffe is a “****”.

If you vote based on personality, you are worse than most of those who slime in on the bottom of the Party lists (yes, Rajen Prasad, I’m talking about you).

I vote based on policy.  What’s best for the country as a whole and secondly what suits me.

I think those who abuse various politicians – particularly the leaders – ignore exactly what a prick of a job being an electorate MP is.  Since 1993, I’ve watched electorate MPs of all stripes get hell from constituents because

  1. The District Health Board won’t advance them to get an ingrown toenail removed (this muppet actually had a letter to the editor published, bringing much opprobrium from their fellow voters)
  2. After overstaying for seven years, their MP wouldn’t tell the Immigration Minister that it was a case of mistaken identity, so the overstayer shat on their doorstep and was deported anyway
  3. A dog (not the MP’s dog) regularly pooed on their lawn.

Those are the mild ones.  I’ve sat in electorate MPs’ houses on a Sunday night and heard them deal with someone on the phone for over an hour because the local council has no after hours number.  I’ve watched them get berated by school teachers who have caused a teacher-only day but who stop protesting and are then happy to eat the pikelets the MP has made for them as their issues amazingly dissipate.  Being an electorate MP is a shit job with barely OK pay for the 24/7 role.  List MPs, on the other hand…don’t start me.

But, as usual, I digress.  I don’t particularly like being directed to go to dinner with people I don’t know (there’s a psychological term for it), but I look at the politicians the way I would look at a dinner party with them.

As much as I disagree with the policies of most of the parties, I think you could have a jolly good craic sitting around the table with the leaders.  Even Monty Burns Colin Craig.

If we started talking politics, I’m sure, in the usual Kiwi dinner party style, we’d have a robust discussion and then laugh that we’d run out of Lion Red/pinot noir/snakebites, thus shifting the conversation on to another topic.

Yet (other than Hone Harawira, who I wouldn’t invite because he isn’t a leader and Kim Dotcom because he’s got impulse control issues and he is German), I’m sure personality-wise, we’d have a great old time.  Having given some thought to it, with enough booze and the right food, the chat would be good enough to carry through without anyone calling taxi before 1am.

I’ve dreaded enduring dinner conversation with a table of John Keys, Metiria Tureis, Peter Dunnes, Te Ururoa Flavells and Colin Craigs and actually had a bloody great time in reality.

I remember sitting down with Richard Prebble at a table with Michael Cullen, his minion and Rod Donald and other Greens and thinking “fuck me, what are we in for here?”  It was a cracking night, one of the best, Chartreuse aside.

Politics should never be about personality unless it is pertinent (Don Brash is a case in point).  It should always be about policy.  Yet we continue to be served a diet of personality over policy by a lazy news media.

If you haven’t voted yet, don’t vote for a person you don’t know,  vote for what they stand for.  Vote for your values.  But do your research.  Most MPs, apart from Maryann Street, work hard like you.  They, apart from Trevor Mallard, want what is best for everyone, even if some parties might be misguided.  But a lot of what you are seeing in the media lacks detail. For example, how will taking GST off food affect all of us?  Will Coca-Cola or Kelloggs get a bottom line benefit and increase their prices as a result?

Does $100 million fencing off waterways really benefit the greater good?

Don’t vote for a soundbite.  Vote for something you believe in and you know is rational.  Do your research.

And don’t vote for Pedro.  He’s Mexican.

Freedom of the Press Part 2

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What caused this defender of press freedom to turn and decide to become North Korean?


Big day.  Champagne, business lunch, then off to the races.  Be nice to get paid for that.

But wait.  There’s more.

I’ve Been Wondering…

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…how did Nicky Hager check the materials he was “given”?

It’s not like he could ring Cameron Slater and say “so, I have a list of questions for you….”

I haven’t read the book (now I’m on to one by John Dybvig which can be read faster than most metropolitan newspapers), so I don’t know if there are any attempts at giving the combatants a chance to explain themselves.

Judging by what I’ve seen and heard, I’m guessing not.  So how did he check the veracity of the emails and so on?

I only ask, because in the past, I’ve been known to ‘adjust’ emails for comedy purposes.  These are then printed out and left in strategic places for everyone to have a laugh at.

It doesn’t take much to mess with emails.  Or downloaded facebook posts.

Take this (exhibit A) the original email, for example (I have redacted the subject line to protect the children across the road):


It’s not hard to change that nice opening to:


See?  Then distribute mischievously that to the press and watch the fracas unfold.  Because no-one will ask to prove the credibility before publishing, and as it has been said “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.”

Anyway, while some rave about Nicky Hager’s journalistic cred, I’ve always been a bit dubious and so that’s why I was wondering.  Then today, this showed up.  Now some might say it’s arse-covering, others might say why didn’t they raise it earlier, but then others think “Oh oh.  He’s saving something up.”

This thing has got more twists than a twisty thing with a degree in twistiness from Twist University, but it’s fair to say that if Hager didn’t check his source(s), then this might be the last book he writes.

So Much For Freedom Of The Press

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There’s someone banging on at the moment about press freedom.  Here’s what they had to say about it in 2009:


People change, but man, that says something about the love for secrecy and manipulation….should we alert Reporters Without Borders?

Let’s Just Be Clear

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Me drawing attention to myself, not my blog.

Me drawing attention to myself, not my blog.

TV3 had this on tonight’s bulletin:

So how seriously should we take blogs and bloggers?  “Much of what enters the blogosphere isn’t very reliable and often it’s lies,” says media commentator Dr Joe Atkinson. “Much of it is also quite extreme. It’s not moderate, middle-of-the-road stuff. It’s people trying to get attention.”

We’ll give Dr Atkinson the benefit of the doubt and say he said a lot more and only this soundbite was used.

As a blogger (albeit very much part time at the moment), if I wanted to get attention, I’d get nude during tomorrow night’s Jonathan Lemalu recital, not by blogging.

My blogging has always been to DRAW attention, not get it for myself.

I want to draw attention, in particular, to the profligacy and incompetence of local government.  Did you know, for example, that one local Council is missing key audit policies?  (more on that in the next couple of weeks)

At CQAE, we also work on the basis that our assertions are fact-based.  That’s why I have at least five Local Government Official Information Act or Official Information Act requests on the go at any one time.  Some of them come to nothing, some of them pay off big time.

Any “extreme”, immoderate blogging is usually thanks to the material received from our wide network of tipsters and the official releases mentioned above.  I never cease to be amazed by the stupidity that permeates central and local government.

We also play a long game.  The Stadium, for example, is going to take a long time to deconstruct the financial goings-on around the rebuild.  There’s no point rushing into it, especially as no-one else is looking at it in the same detail at the same time.  We’re not going to get scooped.

So while Joe might be talking about other bloggers, you can guarantee there’s only the good stuff here.  And we assure discretion, unlike some…