Same Shit, Different Structure

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“Our sales driven penetration benchmark is proactive with an R.O.I. paradigm strategy that’s granular and stuff. Yeah.”

CUE TV aired a piece (6 min 30 in) on the 20th where bureaucracy bingo reigned supreme.

The sheltered workshop’s governance has changed:

“We’ve gone from a directorate to a joint committee of Council…we also have a joint committee which is…the advisory subcommittee…”

What? Eh? 

The best bit was:

“Councils are very happy with Venture Southland in terms of its direction…(we’re) seen very positively nationally…”  

By who?

But the funniest two bits:

“We’re as transparent as a jellyfish” and “What do we do?   It’s actually very hard to quantify…”

If you’ve seen a jellyfish, you know they’re more opaque than transparent, so at least the analogy is correct…

A Regular Reader Writes

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Why is the Shitty Council getting rid of a whole lot of parks and then building stupid pocket parks in Martin and Esk St?

Indeed.  This is what happens when you put a landscape designer in charge of your whole CBD upgrade.  If it were me, I’d concrete the whole lot and turn it into a roller disco.  I know at least one Otago Daily Times reporter who would love that and travel for two and a half hours every weekend to get his four-wheeled boogie on.

Arse Backwards Again

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The Kremlin is consulting on three of its financial policies.  Now, you wouldn’t necessarily have known they had these policies, as their website is largely policy-free.

Does their consultation allow you to compare them with the old policies?  No.  You would have to request those under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, as I was told today over the phone.

Anyway, consulting on these policies without doing a rating review seems kinda pointless.

Deputy Mayor Jackie Kruger said the city’s rates review would be done before next June (ed- 2012), as was scheduled. All options would be considered, including scrapping the differential system.

Gee, the Part Time Mayor and Ricky must have breathed a sigh of relief when she split for Australia.

This is not local government.  It’s ticking boxes from the middle outwards.

I’m Slightly Confused

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This says this:

The Venture Southland Joint Committee and Advisory Sub Committee adopted the Venture Southland 2014-2015 Business Plan at a meeting today.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the sheltered workshop yet to have its “outputs” set by the Kremlin?  Or did that happen at a meeting or workshop not made public?

Seems silly to adopt a business plan when the people paying for your ‘business time’ are yet to decide what they want you to do…..

Oh Dear

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Nine items in public-excluded at today’s mutual secrecy society.  This is the one that should have every ratepayer sending in a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request:

ohohLet’s guess.  What could it be?  A ukelele festival?  We know senior staff love those.

The sign in the background is quite apt for a Job For Life type....

They Should Employ The Pax

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The pseuds of New Zealand are clapping squealy Guyon Espiner on the back for a clever dick yet ultimately pointless interview he did with the Prime Minister today.

In reality, I’ve heard five year olds argue and debate better than Espiner, who sounds like a spoiled child when he comes up against someone who doesn’t fit his world view.

The great Jeremy “I’m A Curmudgeon And Proud” Paxman is at a loose end at the moment.  Perhaps he could come and give former TV bobblehead Espiner a tip or two about interviewing. (NB there’s a clue in that last sentence about why Espiner can’t do long form interviews).

This all-time classic, which ultimately saw Chloe Smith give up her job in the Cabinet Office, is exceptional interviewing.  If you can’t be bothered with the intro, skip to 6 minutes 20 seconds in:

We might run PaxWeek to help Kiwi journos see how it’s really done.  He has a mountain of material.

Was a bit busy over the weekend, so didn’t get around to fisking the Part-Time Mayor’s latest verbose aneurysm until now.

He, not surprisingly, hates any form of Official Information legislation:

The other aspect I’m thrilled about is that his book has exposed the misuse of the Official Information Act. I have recently been a victim of this Act with a proposal for a James Bond film in Winton.

Misuse of the Act?  How so? (and by the way, it was the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, not the Official Information Act, but then we know he’s not one for technicalities).

…some young student used the local government version of the Official Information Act to legally hack into our emails and expose all our plans in the Southland Times.

Riiiiight.  The Part-Time Mayor had prattled on about movies and China in his July 5 column.  So Shazza, being the assiduous little journalism student she is, rattled off a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request and got all the stuff she needed from the Kremlin.

So, the PTM’s emails were not “hacked”.  The Act worked perfectly well, and she got a front page story from it.  It happened last year as well, with our resident hippie student using LGOIMA to uncover the Kremlin’s stupidity over the A2B yacht race rort.

Yet, the PTM continued digging in his column:

Allegations have been made that SIS feeds information to bloggers who then use the Official Information Act to destroy political opponents. It’s time this act (sic) is booted into oblivion where it belongs.


These acts (sic) relating to freedom of information were brought in with the best of
intentions by the Labour Party and rigidly enforced by a Stalinist army of Ombudsmen. They
thought that if the public had the right to know, that would prevent corruption. Instead it has
been used for the worst form of corruption imaginable.

We know the Kremlin hates the public knowing anything at all, and that public excluded is standard practice for them, but who knew that the self-proclaimed tireless seeker of the truth was in fact against the public’s right to know?

Mind you, he does have form when it comes to legislation, having told the Government to “stick its anally retentive Prostitution Reform Act right up its own little back passage to Parliament” in the past.

It seems old Chief Censor Timbo has created a ready-made platform for any potential 2016 mayoral candidates to stand on.  After all, transparency does make for the best news stories….