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Has meaning.

Falling Out Of The Woodwork

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The Sadford posts have certainly shaken the tree.  Received lots of emails, including this email today (I’ve redacted the names on legal advice even though I have had it tearfully confirmed that this occurred): Read the rest of this entry »


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The Prime Minister got a bit of a towelling this week for admitting his Government has been delaying Official Information Act requests.

Quite a bit naughty and in breach of, well, nothing other than morality, as the Official Information Act doesn’t have any penalties.

At least, though, it was only a delay and not an out and out lie.

You see, our old mates at Salford were asked for some information by a journalist colleague on the total amount of payment to the Limited Statutory Manager, Mr Macdonald.

Here’s the thing.  The material they sent was just Macdonald’s fees – without travel or accommodation costs included.

How do we know this?  Because someone with admin access sent me an email today from Salford School with this: Read the rest of this entry »

Sadford Revisited

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Yes, hadn’t forgotten about this, but there’s a bit of reading.

Trawling through the papers, there is a clear identification of a bunch of teachers/former teachers/well-known parents who have run this sorry abuse of the system from start to finish, and while we know who they are, we won’t identify them just yet (even though there’s a mountain of damning information) because we don’t want to prejudice any further Court hearing.

However, we still have some insights into how the School cut costs to pay for Peter Macdonald and some of its legal fees (not much of the $200,000+ plus, mind).

The school secretary must be a bit doddery in her dotage, because in the materials she sent us last year, she attached these minutes, which said this:


The old dodderer also attached a draft of a letter to the Ministry of Education, which confirmed that rather than putting her foot down and saying to the Ministry “bugger you, we’re not using teaching and learning resources to pay for the Statutory Manager”, the Out Of Her Depth Board chair said this:


So, to recap, to pay for their legal fees and Statutory Manager, the Board cut funds earmarked for teaching and learning.

This whole thing is not only a gross abrogation of basic governance, but a whole other story about what happens when you put out-of-their-depth parents in charge of schools.

Got a bit more, but there appears to be a rugby Test on.  Stand by.



Speaking Of The PHO

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They seem to play fast and loose with taxpayer’s cash:

faroutTheir IT costs are very close to their actual staff costs – surely this can’t be right, or is the Swann/Harford company still running health IT in the South?

I know there’s a bit to audit, but $21,000 seems screwy, and how ’bout them vehicle lease expenses?  It brings a tax break, but surely that’s a lot of cars for interfering nonces to drive to KFC in?

No doubt, if questioned, they would point to the fact these expenses only make up two percent of their total opex, but hey, if I’m paying money to The Man, I like it to be well-spent.

The Southern Public Health Organisation (PHO) can’t organise free doctors visits for under-sixes, but they can find time to whinge:

Two health organisations have waded into the debate over building a McDonald’s restaurant in South City, with one calling for it to be built elsewhere…(l)etters to the council about the proposed restaurant from Southern Primary Health Organisation (PHO) and Public Health South say obesity is likely to be more prevalent in South City, because it has the highest areas of deprivation in Invercargill.  The PHO was also concerned the proposed restaurant would be close to the Russell Square playground and opposite the rugby league grounds.

Obesity is LIKELY to be more prevalent?  That’s about as reliable a measure as the hockey stick global warming fraud science.  Mind you, I’m never actually sure what the PHO does other than pay out $750,000 over the last two years in fees  and expenses to its Board members.

Here’s the tip, PHO – hurry up and organise the free GP visits for kids and keep your nose out of something that comes down to personal responsibility, you nanny state pinkos.

Don’t Believe Me?

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I had another email (anonymous as usual but I have almost turned the IP address inside out) suggesting I know nothing about the Salford/Ministry business.  Four boxes, two hard drives, and hours of recordings suggest otherwise: