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The Part Time Mayor says this in the Express:


Now Stephen O’Regan has had more than a few directorships, inter alia, in his time.  He has also had a bit of a bad run of luck with shit investments.  I’ve got a lot of time for his historical role in Ngai Tahu.

But is he really saying his electricity bill is $564 a week?  Or was the Part Time Mayor distracted?

Someone close to me was forced out of a job this week because of something I posted on my blog.

It was to do with the Sadford saga.  My partner was forced to resign from her position at the school because one of the cabal of teachers would not have her in the classroom; this was the final in a series of acts of workplace bullying which began at the start of the year and was never addressed using the schools own policies and procedures.

Now, she’s not as sturm und drang as me, but according to my legal mates, there’s a clear case for constructive dismissal. She’s just upset at having to leave a job she enjoyed (well, the children part of it, anyway).

However, I’m not as understanding.  She was forced out because she was my partner and a discreet supporter of Marlene Campbell.  Anyone who has ever lived with me will tell you that I don’t discuss work at home, nor do I expect people I live with to blab about their work.

After I’ve spent the day internalising a really complicated situation in my head, the last thing I want to do is tell someone about it, and I figure the reciprocal applies.  So the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy applies.  The commercial project I am working on at the moment is reduced to “yeah, he’s buying some pipes.”

My partner never told me anything about school other than the work she did with the children.  And even though I have a mountain of Sadford material, I made a point of keeping it away in my office and not discussing it.  And she didn’t ask about it.

Sure, she saw the blog and wasn’t happy about some of it, but that’s the way things roll (although regular readers may have noticed that I have removed the blog post that caused this latest act of bullying).

Anyway, on Tuesday, the acting principal broke the bad news.  He’s an apparently very nice bloke, however he seems somewhat emasculated by the school Commissioner; but this week’s drama ignored several salient points:

  1. They completely ignored the school’s complaints policy.
  2. They broke the Teacher’s Council rules on how to be a nice and decent and professional teacher. Registered Teachers Criteria #1 about Collegiality is only a starting point… (mind you, the Teacher’s Council isn’t worth a pinch of shit at enforcing those but I’ll do a complaint anyway).
  3. They set themselves up for a shit mountain of legal trouble (even if I can’t get any traction at movement on our side)

There’s also one other little thing.  I have always been very good at research.  Years ago, I was employed by a large listed company to research people they worked with.

In some cases it was just to find out what their interests were so the directors didn’t take rugby haters to an All Blacks Test, in other cases it was to find chinks in their armour that could be exploited in commercial negotiations.

I did the same thing in the UK as part of an internal audit role and in other contract roles.  I am very good at it.

I can find out whether people only have one door handle on a bedroom door and why.  I can find out who they met and when and why and probably get a corroborated transcript of the meeting.  I can find out what school administrators say to their acquaintances.  My drinking mates at the Northern can hear the whining Sadford teachers’ post-work piss talk on a Friday.

Most of all, I have very good networks.  And I’m an optimist and very patient when it comes to getting results.

I also have an ever-growing pile of information from parents about their Sadford experiences over the last 12 months.

You might have made someone very sad and briefly unemployed, but you have also lit a fuse.

Someone close to me doesn’t want it to affect the children’s learning, but as I see it, this whole sorry multi-million dollar bitch session started by people with spurious intent was never about teaching and learning.

So, if that’s the way they want to play, let the games begin.

I Could Be Wrong Here, But The Act Seems To Say…

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The Kremlin is, as I type, adopting its 2013-14 Annual Report.

The report to Councillors notes:


So the Councillors are being asked to sign off an unaudited Annual Report?  The Local Government Act suggests they can’t do that:

“Section 99 Audit of information in annual report and summary

  • (1)In addition to the information required by Part 3 of Schedule 10, the annual report must contain the Auditor-General’s report on—

    • (a)the financial statements referred to in clause 29 of Schedule 10; and

    • (b)the statement about budgeted and actual capital expenditure referred to in clause 24 of Schedule 10; and

    • (c)the funding impact statement referred to in clause 30 of Schedule 10; and

    • (d)the local authority’s compliance with the requirements of Schedule 10 that are applicable to the annual report.

    (2)In addition to the information required by section 98(5), the summary required by section 98(4)(b) must contain the Auditor-General’s report on whether the summary represents, fairly and consistently, the information regarding the major matters dealt with in the annual report.”

    Um, so Councillors are being asked to adopt an unaudited report, and then after it’s audited, they might need to adopt it again?

    What sort of circus is that place?


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The fish and chipper reported yesterday:

The Highlanders are looking for a venue for their May 30 game against the Chiefs due to FIFA under-20 World Cup commitments at Forsyth Barr Stadium, general manager Roger Clark said.

“We will be finalising that in mid-November … we’ve had discussions with Rugby Southland and the [Invercargill] City Council and the ILT around the options of bringing the game to Invercargill, and that’s been really positive,” he said.

You are joking.  The guy that was carpeted by the independent review into Rugby Southland’s financial position and got off scot-free is back asking for more handouts from the people who had to clean up his mess last time?  I trust this matter will go to the whole Council and not the joke ‘events’ committee.

The only thing the ILT and the ICC should be giving Roger Clark is a civil action for his role in bringing Rugby Southland to its knees.

Remember this from the change manager’s report into the financial collapse of the rugby union?

Financial reporting to the Board has been inconsistent and often incomplete.  The Change Managers suspect there may have been a feeling by management that any losses would be funded by existing funders and therefore not fully disclosed.

Or this?

…the organisation’s budgeting and financial management and reporting have not been up to the standard required…

When I was a Board member of Rugby Southland, it took over a year of badgering to get a list of creditors.  It made for appalling reading, but Roger assured everyone that “it was all under control”.  I resigned shortly afterwards as it was clear it was not under control.

I was having motels we had stayed at during the 2003 Southland B team season ring me and ask where their money was…in 2005.

Giving him money to bring the Highlanders here is disgraceful.  He should be paying back the ILT, Community Trust and the NZRU for his expensive and unpunished folly.

And This Is Brilliant, But Still Only The Start

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The Invercargill City Council has an affliction. We looked it up. Photophobia: a morbid fear of light, demonstrated by an irrational need to avoid light places.

Desperate For A Legacy

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The Part Time Mayor is desperate to leave some sort of legacy.

He rattles on about other things the Kremlin was tenuously connected with, but in reality, any successes for the City have not come from his time in the comfy seat.

He’s great at spending our money, and at hanging out with Gary McCormick, but what is his legacy?

Certainly not transparent government.  And if he thinks it’s Rugby Park, then he can think again.

Given There Has To Be A Change…

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…at the Kremlin, I’d like to thank our resident change management expert for bringing this webinar to our attention.

The new Mayor and CEO might like to attend, but might need to get a wriggle on in despatching the incumbents as it’s only a couple of weeks away:


Alternatively, it could be handy for the new chief executive and Board of Holdco….