Sorry Suzanne

Posted: December 12, 2009 by cracker666 in Uncategorized
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Inkyprint Original - the Basilica

OK, so it’s not an Invercargill business, but I have to give a plug to Inkyprint Cards, run in part by one of New Zealand’s great female sports and travel writers and genuine good bugger Suzanne McFadden.

They do a great range of New Zealand scenes, flora and fauna, and even include the Invercargill Basilica’s stained glass window (see left).  Inkyprint isn’t expensive, but the cards are great quality, original and make excellent Christmas and special occasion cards for loved ones (and those other buggers you feel obliged to send one too) both here and abroad.

Why am I plugging an Auckland business?  Well, for all the reasons above, and because it was Suzanne’s birthday on the 8th and I forgot (despite having it in my diary).  Sorry mate.  I’ve probably forgot to say something about the cards too, no doubt I’ll get the bash for that…

Anyway, go and buy some and get me out of the poo…

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