It’s Like A Rest Home For The Unemployable

Posted: November 15, 2012 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

While there are some very good MPs in Parliament, there are also some dingbats.  Here’s a couple of questions coming up on today’s Question Time from seatwarmers:

TE URUROA FLAVELL to the Minister of Health: Does the Government believe that it is acceptable that two out of three Māori and Pacific Island diabetics die from diabetic complications, compared to one in three Pakeha diabetics; and what actions has he taken to reduce the inequities in light of fresh predictions that by 2020 one in six Māori and Pasifika adults will have diabetes?

What a stupid question.  The Minister will answer “no, it is not acceptable” and then be given a free ride to roll off Government health achievements for Maori and Pacific Islanders.  I doubt anyone will have the balls to ask how many of these people have developed diabetes through their own poor lifestyle choices….then we have this from the man who refuses to pay back the $158,000 he *mistakenly* trousered from taxpayers:

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Immigration: What assurances can he give that international criminals will not be entering New Zealand through the China Southern Airlines frequent flyer scheme?

FFS.  Probably more assurance than his predecessor, who is in what the Chinese would call “interesting times

It’s hardly probing stuff, and the Treasury benches might as well go and play with Prince Charles this afternoon….

  1. Tihei Mauri Ora says:

    Maybe the diabetes question was a patsy? They are a support party, after all…..

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