Posted: November 15, 2012 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

Being a former Kindergarten president (where we delegated payroll to an outside provider who did a great job),  I wonder whether all the Nofuckingwaypay problems could be solved by just bulk funding schools like the Ministry of Edukashun does with kindies?

Just a thought.

  1. Dave Kennedy says:

    Ha, I wondered whether that would come up. Some cynics have even suggested that it is the plan behind this all along. I have taught in bulk funded schools both here (when it was trialled) and in the UK and found that there are some serious faults. Good teachers who were well qualified and experienced became too expensive and it becomes almost impossible to get a new job as less experienced and cheaper teachers became in demand. It can mean that schools can employ more teachers than what they would have originally been entitled to, but there would have to be a compromise with maintaining levels of experience. Some schools found that if their staff achieved higher qualifications (that are recognized quite rightly in pay) and over time have more experienced teachers, that their staffing budget becomes under pressure and they have to make cuts elsewhere.

    I knew a teacher in England who didn’t want to work in a position of responsibility, as she just enjoyed classroom teaching (she was brilliant), and she tried to change schools as a classroom teacher and found it impossible. Because she was in her late forties she was deemed to expensive and therefore unemployable.

    I taught in a bulk funded school in Invercargill that replaced retiring or leaving staff with beginning teachers. The result was that behaviour management and teaching standards dropped and the experienced teachers became overworked.

    It is far better for maintaining quality and a mix of experience that teachers are employed on merit rather than cost. It is fairer and professionally wise to have all schools staffed on the same formula and pay coming from a central fund. The same should occur for our support staff. Teacher aids are often barely paid above the minimum wage and are essential staff members, especially in their supporting role for high needs children. However every time we manage to get them a pay increase it is generally counter productive because there isn’t an accompanying increase in the school’s grant and so their hours are cut instead.

  2. TNA says:

    Seriously, which idiot develops a payroll system in 2012? There must be thousands of off-the shelve packages available now.

    Better still, don’t even bother with the capital costs of hardware or maintenance and get it “off the cloud”:

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