So Who Shopped The Fake Story To The Fish n Chipper?

Posted: November 20, 2012 by cracker666 in Uncategorized
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More from our Christchurch source:

Bit sketchy, but here we go with what I can verify.  In the last few weeks (no later than the end of October), the sub-committee told Councillors (sounds like it was informally) that they wanted to change the process so they would get to interview – or at the very least meet and chat with the potentials.  My verified source says Councillors said yep, go for it, and Sheffield agreed as well.

Still working on those names for the newspaper leak.  Shouldn’t take much more than a day.

This geezer has never put me crook in over 20 years of finding out stuff people don’t want you to know about, so this latest tidbit should be creating some sweaty bum cracks at the Kremlin and surrounds.

It also raises the following questions:

  1. If all Councillors agreed to the changes, why did Cllr Elder resign from the sub-committee?
  2. Why did the fish n chipper not verify their source?
  3. What was the informal meeting a few weeks ago?  (I’m guessing it was one of the infamous hastily convened secret ‘workshops’)
  4. How much is one unverified, big mouth, apparent fibber going to cost ratepayers in terms of revisiting this entire process?
  5. Will the person who shopped their version of the story to the fish n chipper resign?
  6. What underling staff at the Council are involved, and will they also start tidying up their CVs and their desks?

By the looks of the above, you have under 24 hours….and I still have more to come….so either fess up or get trussed up.

  1. Kylie says:

    1. My source saying all but one councilor (guess which?)
    2. It’s the Southland Times!!
    3. Source saying yep a ‘workshop’…day before Halloween if memory serves me correctly
    4. I don’t know the reasoning behind it except tantrum throwing but IF it’s the sole dissenter then the bill is already in the hundreds of thousands isn’t it?
    5. We can only hope
    6. You make the assumption it’s an underling…I’m not so sure…it seems the Kremlin is dirty at many levels

  2. Inside Person says:

    There was a Council workshop on the 30th. You can guess what the topic was.

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