“It Is Understood”

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We could take that phrase in it’s current Fairfaxfuckups usage and say:

It is understood Southland Times staff like to play kinky sex games with stray cats.

Then we could say, when challenged:

When we get something wrong, we correct it.   I see no reason to do so in this instance.

So let’s have a look at “understanding” (comments in italics):

The Invercargill City Council’s process in hiring its chief executive has become mired in controversy after the appointment process was changed midstream and a key decision-maker resigned in protest.

In June the city council appointed a subcommittee comprising Mayor Tim Shadbolt, Deputy Mayor Darren Ludlow and four city councillors – Norman Elder, Neil Boniface, Carolyn Dean and Lindsay Abbott – to accept a consultant’s recommended shortlist of candidates for the chief executive’s job.

The consultant was responsible for interviewing the applicants and recommending who should be on the shortlist.

The full council passed a resolution on how the subcommittee should go about its business of shortlisting the candidates, but it is understood the subcommittee members decided to change the process when they met about a fortnight ago.

Cr Elder, who was chairman of the subcommittee, disagreed with what his fellow subcommittee members had done and subsequently resigned.

In effect, the subcommittee members decided they should be involved in interviewing the final 10 candidates and have a say on who should be on the shortlist – whereas the full council had earlier decided that a council consultant should do that job.

Cr Elder refused to speak about the matter yesterday, except to confirm he had resigned.  (hang on, didn’t you just say above that he disagreed with “what his fellow subcommittee members had done”?  So “should we understand” that he did a bit more than just confirm he resigned?)

The Southland Times understands that at least two subcommittee members, Cr Abbott and Cr Dean, were involved in a private meeting with at least one other councillor, who is not a member of the subcommittee, to discuss how they could ensure the shortlist was made up of candidates they favoured. (it is understood that the Press Council isn’t going to look favourably at this)

Under the selection process that has now been introduced, if incumbent chief executive Richard King’s name does not make the shortlist, the full council would not have the opportunity to reappoint him.

Cr Abbott, when he was asked to comment last night, declined to do so, while Cr Dean did not respond to calls.

Other subcommittee members contacted for comment yesterday, Mr Shadbolt and Mr Ludlow, both declined to comment.

Cr Boniface did not respond to calls.

The Southland Times understands about 35 people have applied for the chief executive’s job, including former chief executives of other local authorities and three people already at the council, including Mr King.

The other council staffers who have applied for the post are understood to be two of Mr King’s senior lieutenants.

It becomes pretty clear who the leak was.  But we have more.  And we’re saving it for a very special occasion (not a 150th, though).  Fairfax HQ’s days of ignoring the poor standard of journalism down here because the advertising is a cash cow might be coming to an end…..and some people need to password protect their email accounts.

  1. sallyco says:

    Why didn’t the Council take on board the AOG’s advice as given in the publication (available on line) “Managing the relationship between a Local Authority’s Elected Members and its chief executive.”

    The Council aided and abeted by the ‘fish’n’chipper has brought this council into disrepute.

    2 The importance of the role and responsibilities of the chief executive make it
    essential that the task of recruiting the chief executive is undertaken
    thoroughly and professionally. The recruitment process should give all elected
    members confidence that the appointee has the appropriate knowledge, skills,
    and attributes to fulfil the requirements of the position. The recruitment
    process must also be fair and impartial to ensure that all applicants are treated

  2. Mick says:

    I’d like to know how come Elder can talk in today’s paper about an item that was held in public excluded, and given all the details around it, why is the Times running PR for the Council?

  3. Barry Costello says:

    Don’t know how I missed this first time round: Under the selection process that has now been introduced, if incumbent chief executive Richard King’s name does not make the shortlist, the full council would not have the opportunity to reappoint him
    So, if he wasn’t good enough to make the shortlist, some Cllrs wanted the power to put him on it? Nice potential abuse of process right there.

  4. Towack says:

    I worked there for a while and I well remember a certain editor and chief executive spending time in an office at the end of the hall. Thursday afternoons if I remember correctly, how could I forget with all the smoke that used to waft out under the door and the clink of glasses. Mind you, don’t panic, the smoke may have from their ears as they worked hard for the good of the city and the clinking just the cut glass crystal as they quaffed the pristine city water…..not likely though, hence the favourable reporting…..

  5. Barry Costello says:

    All this means is that the Times will run anonymous (and given anonymity’s nature, probably false) complaints against anyone and not bother about checking it. Well, when I say anyone, they probably wouldn’t do it to Norman Elder, as he is clearly their mate. Piss poor churnalism.

  6. Red says:

    I worked there too, but they must’ve just recently phased in the cats…

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