What? Integrity In Local Government? Surely Not!

Posted: December 3, 2012 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

From the Upper Hutt Leader:

Upper Hutt deputy mayor Peter McCardle is to stand down from local body politics to focus his attention on fighting a regional council takeover of the city.

A panel appointed by Wellington Regional Council and chaired by Sir Geoffrey Palmer has proposed a two-tier council system, with a strengthened regional council operating over the top of local councils.

Mr McCardle said that would disadvantage Hutt Valley residents and he would stand down next year to concentrate on opposing it, and to avoid any suggestion he was protecting a vested interest.

I’ve worked with Peter, and it’s fair to say that if he sees a problem, those on the opposing side better be pretty bloody well-organised and have their ducks in a row.  One of the most under-rated and clever strategic minds in politics, he will make the Wellington Regional Council’s life hell.  But stepping down to avoid any conflicts of interest?  Isn’t that (cough) showing integrity?  Perhaps he could run classes for the Kremlin.

He’s up against this:

Regional council economic well- being committee chairman Peter Glensor disputed Mr McCardle’s claims the river and trains were managed poorly.

I’ve worked for Peter Glensor, who is also as sharp as a tack and a good bloke but has that unfortunate attribute of being on the Left of the political spectrum and therefore unable to remove his blinkers when challenged on things he is responsible for.

This will be a cracking escapade for Mr McCardle, who would not be stepping down unless he thought he had a fairly good show of bringing the whole Geoffrey “I Was Once Important” Palmer plan to its knees.  Good luck, that man!

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