Wiping Out Invercargill’s Population, One Column At A Time

Posted: January 7, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized
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I had meant to comment on this earlier, but Christmas got in the way.  In a Southland Express column pre-Xmas, Gilbert Gottfried the Mayor had this to say:

As you can imagine, I have had literally hundreds of proposals sent in to the mayoral office on how we can improve Southland’s economy.
One of the best ideas was sent to me in 2003 by John Wright, a retired engineer. He believed that with global warming, the West Coast of the South Island would suffer regular flooding, and the Coast would suffer from regular droughts. He believed the answer was to drill 10 holes between the East Coast and the West Coast. It sounds a little over the top, but who would have guessed that Trade Me, which is little more than an online garage sale, would sell for $750 million and is now worth over $1 billion.

One of the best ideas?  I shudder to think what the worst ones were.  Drilling through a geological plate boundary is sheer lunacy genius, and I can’t for the life of me understand why no-one has suggested it before.  But wait, there’s more:

The rebuild of Christchurch and the 10 tunnels proposal would be a huge boost for the South Island for both the industrial sector and the agricultural sector.

So he wants everyone to move away from Invercargill to work on these projects?  How exactly does that help the local economy?

Roosevelt’s New Deal approach to the economy certainly helped the United States and the world emerge from a deep depression.

New Zealand 2013 is a wee bit different to the United States in 1933, and let’s not forget the Depression was ended thanks to massive war spending when the USA entered WWII in 1941.  Quite how drilling holes through active tectonic plates will prime the pump in Invercargill is anyone’s guess.  The New Deal also brought a fair bit of fiscal conservatism.  Perhaps the Kremlin would do well to concentrate on that aspect.

I would like a review done of all of New Zealand’s Think Big projects so that we can make a cost benefit analysis. The challenge of what direction our economy is going in needs to be debated by all sectors and at least in Invercargill, we’ve made a start.

Made a start?  I am starting to think these columns are ghost-written by three people who don’t know each other, cut into pieces, and re-arranged at random.  There’s no other explanation, unless he’s thinking of running as the local candidate for Social Credit at the next election….

  1. Theposterformerlyknownas says:

    Yep, we’re all talking about the ‘think big’ yacht race and all the cost benefit analysis that’s gone into it. They must still be adding up the cost benefit analysis of the movie premiere too. Plus the CBD cost benefit analysis. Oh and the international trade holiday cost benefit analysis (it’ll only cost about 8 grand remember). Yep we do it all the time here. We also use a lot of red ink. We should build a red ink factory at Awarua. Must be plenty of demand for it in this economy.

  2. Bruce Hitchcock says:

    Tim can’t run as Social Credit local, their President Ms De Ruyter lives here and they are more mainstream than many would make out these days with the massive quantiative sleazing campaigns underway in most industialised nations creating the great race to the bottom currency war, very Social Credit at face.
    Just print more dunny roll and add hopium seems to be the dominant monatary policy of Neo-Conmen everywhere today.
    Tim could however re-emerge as the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party dark-green-horse.
    Those long white clouds may explain the enthusiasim for Rogerednomics, Muldoonyism, and thinking very very big thoughts.

  3. smersh says:

    No Bruce – not the Legalise Cannabis Party – remember last time he stood for them – his great aspirations went up in smoke!!

  4. Barry Costello says:

    Nah, he’s clearly running for the Democratic Party after that great idea. What’s next? Building interstate freeways across Southland? Turning lead into gold?

  5. TNA says:

    Am I reading that first paragraph correctly?

    Did he really just compare a suggestion (presumably backed by absolutely zero scientific investigation or surveys) to drill some big holes into tectonic plates with a local New Zealand ecommerce listings service?

    How are they in any way similar?

    Is he planning to build a web portal to sell the extracted soil, rock and magma to people on an online auction site? Are these holes going to be like the remains of the Berlin Wall, attracting visitors from around the world?

    Gilbert Gottfried is truly the latest in the line of legendary entrepreneurs, carrying on the flame from Steve Jobs, via Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Henry Ford and Charles Ponzi.

    By the way, that’s another fiver royalties for the GG usage, Paddy.

  6. paulinemnz says:

    Just to correct you Paddy you obviously don’t know you know NZ economic history ..we didnt get out of the depression re Roosevelt’s new deal and their war expenditure ..YES it helped but it was one of many factors.

    The new deal and our increase in economic wealth was due to printing of money to stimulate the economy….NZ did this on several occasions with the Keynesian economy we enjoyed from approx 1935 to 1984..

    (This injection into the economy showed us when this is done in a responsible MANAGED manner it is all good for one off expenditure ie Christchurch rebuild and is considerably more sensible that borrowing from overseas bank which increases our NZ debt level.)

    Going back to 1930s depression when NZ was really deeply into the economic hole ….the govt of the day then in 1935 (which yes was the first labour govt) printed money in 1935 ( I think it was that year) and I have no doubt the US new deal inspired MP John A Lee to encourage Savages Govt to use this form of income for the community. This provided money for the NZ works Dept to organise and build roads and other NZ infrastructure in the late 30s that was needed and provided work and income for a large number of unemployed we had in the country ( re depression and I don’t think we had a dole payment then or if we did it was definitely not at the level per NZ income as it is today )

    Savages govt also printed money to begin the building of NZ state houses in the late 30s they also used the now more increase in income to introduce a universal family benefit to all NZ mothers.

    The now increased injection of income into NZ economy meant and increased expenditure by NZ families as their available income increased and thus saw an increase in buying of NZ goods and services ..re this all naturally helped considerably NZ out of the economic decline of the NZ depression..incidentally NZs war impute of payment for our military etc was all paid for by printing money.

    By the way Roosevelt whom used the same ( printing money )to pay for the new deal and I have no doubt to pay for US war impute for WW2 ..and so the money wheel spun around ..no one in those days had the extreme wealth we see today or indulged in rampant commercialism ..but also no one was desperately poor either.

    I have no idea whom this John Wright is but I suspect he another of Shadbolts cronies etc the later would have no idea how to stimulate our economy. Shadbolt only knows how to stimulate his own economy that he is very good at ( with other peoples money)!

    • TNA says:


      I’m sorry but that’s complete and utter bullshit. It’s not your fault though; dissenting voices from the Keynesian insanity are few and far between so you can be excused for not realising that the solution to a problem created by unsound money is not more unsound money.

      Here’s a good summary about how much of an economic genius FDR wasn’t; http://www.minyanville.com/businessmarkets/articles/MER-GS-MCO-ms/1/2/2008/id/15389

      Put simply, his economic genius was to go to war with Germany and Japan. The New Deal achieved three fifths of fuck all.

      As P. J. O’Rourke put it;

      “there are only 4 ways to spend money;

      “1. You spend your money on yourself. You’re motivated to get the thing you want most at the best price. This is the way middle-aged men haggle with Porsche dealers.

      2. You spend your money on other people. You still want a bargain, but you’re less interested in pleasing the recipient of your largesse. This is why children get underwear at Christmas.

      3. You spend other people’s money on yourself. You get what you want but price no longer matters. The second wives who ride around with the middle-aged men in the Porsches do this kind of spending at Neiman Marcus.

      4. You spend other people’s money on other people. And in this case, who gives a s**t?

      Most government spending falls into category four. Which is why the government keeps buying us Hoover Dams, B-1 bombers, raids on Waco cults, and 1972 Federal Water Pollution Control Acts.”


    • cracker666 says:

      for christ’s sake, Pauline, I never said FDR had anything to do with NZ in the Depression. Stop speed reading and try comprehension instead.

  7. paulinemnz says:

    TNA ….. your comments are total BS and it is your insane thinking as to the the reason we have our present global economic problems.

    TNA I grew up under Keynesian economics I know it was good for the country ..I saw and witnessed the evidence of a much happier community than we witness today ..our police force was small as crime was very low .. Our Govt Depts didnt stuff up as much as we see today we novopay re privatising is the be all etc…..

    I have witnessed the results of the economic change in 1984 and all the reality of the change from the bullshit re privatising etc which Roger Douglas and friends etc like Bob Jones said was all good !!

    Meanwhile these pricks like Jones etc ripped of the taxpayers for millions in 1984

    I would appreciate a PLEASE explain from those of you whom think printing money is insane where as borrowing from overseas is sensible economics re interest to pay and increase in DEBT ahh borrowing is also the reason as to why NZ dollar is now well over valued re money trading on the stock market which is having a very negative affect on exporters

    I say the WHY not printing when NZ economic history of the results from printing says it was all good for the economy otherwise… :)

    You do realise the reason for the global depression in the 30s was the collapse of the global Stock markets what caused this insane neoliberal economic policies by the major economic leading countries of the time :)

    Okay on to another topic Tim and John Wright …I knew that name was familiar just couldn’t put my finger on where who etc ….

    Hmmmm now I remember oh yes ..Guys this is the guy whom sold his oh so very positive suggestion and submission to ICC council build an investment they could ever make back in the early 90s I think Tim was just fresh and new as our Mayor ….

    Wright said they should build an develop an INTERNATIONAL airport in Invercargill ..he told the council we the city would gain all this wonderful tourist money etc etc……… the city would have money to burn we would be on to such a winner to spend millions to extend our airport etc etc !!!!!

    I wrote letters to the paper against this proposal and a submission to council I was labeled as patheticly NEGATIVE

    yeah yeah negative ..how many international planes have landed at our airport guys since it was built as I said Invercargill is to its core a rural support city ..why would tourists come here when it would be easier to fly direct to Queenstown ..

    Wright well he disappeared after it was realised extending the airport was a obviously a bad decision .heck from memory Frano Cardo and I think Hicks ( might have been Tullock ) were not at all supportive of Wright idea ..but yeah Tim was for sure !!!

    • TNA says:

      By the way Pauline, I grew up under Thatcher’s Hayekian economics and the summers were warmer, I could run faster, score more tries, pulled more 20 year old girls and had less hangovers than I do now.

      Correlation ain’t causation, “sweetie” (that’s a Kiwi debating term, I understand),

  8. opie says:

    nutty as a nut fruitcake.

  9. Bruce Hitchcock says:

    Pauline, “ahh borrowing is also the reason as to why NZ dollar is now well over valued re money trading on the stock market which is having a very negative affect on exporters”. Sorry to burst another bubble but money is not traded on a stock market.
    Stock is.
    Money, or currency and it’s value realitive to other currencies is traded on a FOREX, or a foreign exchange market.
    The “insane neoliberal economic policies by the major economic leading countries of the time” were implimented first here by which party and in which year? I believe it was the fourth Labour Government beginning in 1984, but correct me if I am wrong. As I pointed out in a earlier post neocon’s, or neolib’s, now include wonderful ideas from social credit such as the race to the bottom of quantitative easing, or money printing.
    Neoliberals, or neoconmen as I like to think of them, are big on new ideas, as the ‘neo’ suggests. The big new idea in the race to the bottom is hostile bond buying which was covered rather well in this article http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100022037/switzerland-and-britain-are-now-at-currency-war/ by Mr Evans-Pritchard of The Telegraph.
    Mr Keynes, your hero of the peice, was actually very active on the stock market where he won and lost a few fortunes, fortunately when he lost he could always turn to daddy for a cash injection. He also, rather stupidly in my opinion, sold much of Cambridge’s land and risked the money on the stock market.
    Soverign debt was never an issue for Keynes, not that it is not an issue in economics, just that he was rather indifferent towards it. That idea premeated many governments, including our own and lead to the stagnification crisis of the 1970’s.
    I really cannot reconcile the idea of being a neokeysian and debt adverse, yet somehow you claim to manage it. How?
    Printing money devalues currency Pauline.
    The realitive price of anything, including money is in a large part determined by it’s rarity hense why Bugatti’s are worth more than Porshe’s which are worth more the Ford’s. Or bannana’s pomegranates. So if you print vast amounts of currency it’s value goes down. Carry on with this wonderful third world economic program long enough and you become Zimbabwe, where in the space of a few years, what would have purchased a plane ticket out now would not buy a block of butter.
    It’s called hyper-inflation.
    When the great reserve currencies of the world, the USD, the GPB, and to a lesser extent but about to go for massive devaluation, the JPY print huge amounts of cash to hand out to banks and financials, known as commonly as croney capitailism and techically as quantitative easing we run the risk that their currency will massively devalue, which they have, and the market for their debt, government bonds, will be affected rather strongly, which it has.
    Allowed to continue to kick the can or operate under the new model of business as usual, the whole world carries the risk that these reserve currencies will collapse taking out the entire global economy in the greatest inflation adverse market action ever seen.
    This would be rather bad Pauline, as everyone relies on the global economy to do cool stuff for them, like provide groceries.

  10. Bruce Hitchcock says:

    Btw TNA read Oi Wayne Swan! good stuff.

  11. smersh says:

    Jeez Pauline – talk about fools rushing in!! You really should make sure of your facts before you rush into print – John Wright didn’t disappear – he died.

    • paulinemnz says:

      Swersh I didnt know that Wright had died ..but as the name was the same Shadbolt gave as an example you must admit it was easy to make an honest mistake :)

      The idea sounded so like that John Wright of the past it was easy to suspect he had resurrected with more loony ideas …I guess as the saying goes “there is more than one dog called ….”

      Bruce ..please stop the BS using Zimbabwe as an example that is being ridiculously extreme … please give me an honest reasonable reason for not printing money

      I ALWAYS say MANAGED RESPONSIBLE etc printing of money …Mugabe as we both know doesn’t know the meaning of the words managed responsible etc….

      our present policy of borrowing on the never never is the reason our dollar is over inflated ..its the reason why companies like Rio Tinto are looking at closing Tiwai etc etc

      I repeat NZ Governments off both persasions has used printing money very successfully in the past ….it was the use of this tool which helped us climb out of the economic hole in the 1930s … It was the reason we could afford go to war in the 40s ..the reason we could afford to build more schools hospitals and lend cheap interest money for families to build homes ( re baby boom era) in the 50s ……

      With Government MANAGED RESPONSIBLE printing money you don’t pay interest ..your debt level doesn’t get out of control ….. your dollar is not over valued etc etc

      Under Keynesian economy we had very little unemployment ..in fact it was so good that at one stage you could count the whole unemployed in this country on your hand !!

      This meant with lots of good tax money ( PAYE) been paid helped to pay for Government expenditure like hospitals and schools etc

  12. Bruce Hitchcock says:

    She’s not a green inker, she’s an undercover bankster.

  13. Bruce Hitchcock says:

    So Pauline,
    You didn’t read my post either.
    The point is logical, not factual or idiotlogical.
    More of something with roughly static demand means it is worth less. It is very simple. Children can understand this when applied to Twinkies. No more Twinkies being produced means my Twinkie I paid $1 for is worth much more, say $20, than that because it is now a scarce commodity.
    But because I am a very generous and patient man to use the US as an example of Quanitative Sleazing since 2008 roughly USD$2T has been printed this does not count all the other little bits and peices of QE 1 & 2 & ‘lite’ which bring the real total to much more.
    Nearly USD $3T and that is probably consevative.
    QE 3 is already priced in, which means everybody who counts expects it to happen. Much of this went straight to a Federal Reserve discount window where the effective real interest rate is far less than zero to be lent to major banks, which if you recall where one of the two lots of imbciles, the other being government, who allowed CSD’s to blow up in everyone’s face.
    The banks then, the same day, lent that discounted money back to the government at a real market interest rate making billions for paper shuffling.
    Sound managed or responsilble enough to you?
    That’s not Zimbabwe, it’s the world’s largest economy.
    I can’t be bothered educating you further unless you pay me a susantial amount of one oz silver coins from NZ Mint for my time.

  14. robertguyton says:

    ” idiotlogical” is good. You don’t see that very often.

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