Frack Off

Posted: January 14, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

Off doing a spot of consultancy work on a fracking site in deepest Fiordland with a well-known multinational oil company (thank God for retrospective consents!) so will be light blogging for a while, especially if we strike shale gas as expected on Tuesday.

  1. Dave Kennedy says:

    I appreciated you advertising our festival in Gore this weekend Paddy, and I half hoped you may have joined us.
    I guess when we will be listening to great music, having some stimulating discussions and enjoying wonderful food and a drink or two – you will be busy making earthquakes. :-)

    • TNA says:

      That’s gold!

      Wander around the website for some absolute gems;

      “Climate justice”

      “Hopefully Maori speaker” (this have at least three different meanings)

      “It is anticipated that regional groups might wish to ‘bond’ by offering to be responsible for one meal- so get in early with your offers!”

      And if you were in any doubt how much fun it will be, apparently they “will be cooking vegetarian food collectively”

      What I can’t see though, is a list of the bands they’ve booked. I assume Iggy Pop and Fat Boy Slim will be there; they seem to be at every festival nowadays, but what about the re-formed Stone Roses and can we dare to hope that the Rolling Stones are on their way after the successful New York and London gigs?

    • cracker666 says:

      Dave – I wish you all the best for your event. I would love to attend but such events have all the appeal of pleasuring oneself with a blunt cheese grater, IMHO.

  2. robertguyton says:

    Or a blender.
    And TNA, it’s a festival to oppose coal mining, all the music will be coke-fuelled hard rock. Stones, yes, but the black version and lots of other treats for any minors who turn up.
    CU there!

    • TNA says:

      Mr. G., you sneaky old political operator, you.

      C U Next Tuesday.

    • Theposterformerlyknownas says:

      ‘Ang on a mo, I just googled ‘coke fuelled hard rock’ and this is what came up….

      …and I quote ‘….coke leaves you wired enough to ensure that you will produce a whole lot of something, and thus ups the odds that you will actually produce something good.

      It’s obvious that some of our elected officials use this method in copious quantities to attempt a 1% success rate in all civic matters, however I didn’t place yourself in that category. Until today’s brazen public confession.

      For shame Mr Guyton, for shaaaame.

  3. robertguyton says:

    You googled coke-fuelled hard-rock, poster?
    You really must be at a loose end.
    I am gratified though, that all this time you hadn’t placed me in the “artificially-pumped-up politician” category, despite my enthusiasm for discussing council issues being 100-times that of my fellow councillors. You probably thought that was just my natural exuberance.
    (“Natural exuberance”- google it!)

    • Theposterformerlyknownas says:

      Indeed I did – I wanted to know just what you and your mates are trying to entice these minors into. Just be thankful I only googled and didn’t Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary your depicable little scheme. I guess it’s just a sign your generation’s hangover from Woodstock is simply lingering long.

      I had no reason to place you in that category with other politicians who require additional influences as I’m not aware you’ve attained a 1% succuess rate as yet. I’ll keep watching the headlines in case you reach the threshold for consideration, however.

      • robertguyton says:

        I’m way too young for Woodstock but have watched the movie. That James Hendrix – what a scally-wag!
        While waiting for me to reach the 1% bar, don’t hold your breath. I’m a very slow burner.

        • Theposterformerlyknownas says:

          There’s a movie? Whodunnit – was it the butler? No wait, don’t tell me. I’ll watch it myself and see if I can figure out who the villain is myself. I hope it has a good plot though. Nothing worse than a movie without a good plot.

          I’m sure if you stumble into the right tent at the aforementioned ‘festival’ (I haven’t had time to click on the link, I’ve been too busy all day googling and wiki-ing very important things) you will find someone with all the right tools and talents who can demonstrate the necessary techniques to become a one percenter. I wish you well in your quest and as always, if you get caught, tell them it’s for medicinal purposes, to ease the pain of your Vietnam war wounds.

  4. robertguyton says:

    TNA – give us a wave.

  5. robertguyton says:

    (Of support)

  6. Towack says:

    Dont wave too much though or it might go all mexican on you

  7. Jordan Wyatt says:

    Vegan muffins at the festival, who could resist? :-)

  8. TNA says:

    They’ve not thought through the scheduling of this festival very well, have they?

    It’s a big commitment for the attendees to have to take the Friday off from all those private sector jobs that they all have.

  9. robertguyton says:

    And causing all those Solid Energy moles to work over the weekend. Thoughtless!

  10. cracker666 says:

    Ah, back in the world at last. It’s funny to arrive back to one email from someone I don’t know begging me to ask the multinational oil company to stop fracking in Fiordland when in fact I was camping in Wanaka with my sons. Ah the joys of stupidness.

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