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Posted: January 24, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

The rent-a-crowd showed some brains and decided to stay away, the meeting was like a funeral, but Ali Timms keeps her role as chair with a vote of 7-5.

As Mr. E said in the comments to a previous post:

I am not sure what everyone else is seeing, but my own image of ES has been steadily declining. Recent media reports and blogs make shocking reading, at least to me. It appears as though we have a CEO that is battling with staff disfunction and councillors that have put the dis in disfunction. The question I keep asking myself is, what sort of credibility do they now have with the public? How on earth can we possibly expect them to govern our environment with such apparent disfunction?
I am aware that some public have called for a commissioner, a position i have not shared. I now find myself reviewing that position. What is the worse evil? A complete lack of faith in their ability to manage the environment or a term loss of democracy?

It’s now up to ES to put this sideshow behind it, deal with the problems in their compliance department, and show what it is capable of.  Going to be an interesting year.

  1. Towack says:

    Can you get us the split of who voted where?

  2. cracker666 says:

    Ali Timms, Nicol Horrell, Marion Miller, Peter Jones, Grant Hubber, Ross Cockburn and Neville Cook.

    Brian Mason, Rowly Currie, Robert Guyton, Jan Riddell and Maurice Rodway.

  3. sarrs says:

    From memory Mason, Currie, Guyton and Riddell all called Ali Timms to step down at the beginning so no real surprises in that vote split. We had it called at 8-4 in favour of Timms in the office here so pretty close.

    Now that this is over with, could we please get some firm answers from the ICC for the (I believe) very pertinent questions that brought this whole drama to light in the first place?

  4. Mungo says:

    The againsts are an interesting bunch. Pretty much against anything in general.

  5. Mr E says:

    Even though I am satisfied with the vote, I think it is fair to say I am further disappointed by the council after reading this ODT report:
    “The episode earned her strong criticism from some councillors yesterday. Cr Robert Guyton said she had ”shown a display of dishonesty” and could no longer be trusted.

    The five councillors who wanted her gone spoke of her lack of remorse, her breaches of the council’s code of conduct, that she had destroyed her credibility, that what she had done had affected the public’s perceptions of the organisation as a whole, and that if she stayed she would be trying to lead a divided council. Several called on her to resign willingly before the vote was taken. ”

    My eyes just about fell out of my head when I read this.

    FIrst point – Breach of the councils code of conduct. Dont they need a hearing to determine this? Judge and jury councillors it sounds like to me.

    Second point.
    Destroyed credibility, cannot be trusted, and a divided council….. WHAT ON EARTH were these councillors thinking? How are we to have any faith in good descisions when in their words (if reported correctly), the leader cannot be trusted, the leader is not credible and the council will be divided?

    In my opinion comments like that simply bring the council into disrepute. I have moved from thinking the chairperson made a bad judgement call, to thinking my council is not capable of achieveing the task at hand.

    For me it is a heck of a shame. I had hoped to see the council become the peoples council. One that worked with the community more and hit it with the compliance stick less. I had even formulated collaborative ideas that I was keen to share. Ideas that were formed with the community. I had names of individuals keen to front up and not just a handful. People that have great potential to influence the environment. People that would hugely influence their Water and Land 2020 goals. Given they have decided to present themselves in such a fashion, I have decided to change tack. It is back to the drawing board for me.

    I simply refuse to work with a anyone that treats their captain like that, or is willing to present their business in such a manner, to the public. To be frank it makes me really really sad, mostly because good ideas have been wasted.

    I am scratching my head to come up with other enviromental companies that I could work with. If anyone has names, I am keen to hear. Ta.

  6. cracker666 says:

    Unfortunately the code of conduct is light on detail on how complaints will be handled, other than this:

    “Alleged breaches or failure to comply with the Code that are not subject to any statutory provisions will be dealt with internally by Council, confidentially or otherwise as Council determines at the time.”

    Interestingly, these are also breaches of the code of conduct:
    ” – (Councillors will) focus on issues rather than personalities”
    ” – (Councillors will be) demonstrating courtesy and respect to their fellow Members of Council;”
    ” – (Councillors will be) respecting the diversity of opinion that may exist and the right of different
    points of view to be heard”

    • Mr E says:

      Light on enforcement too. Everyone knows that code of conduct hearings, at best, result in a slap with a wet fish (censure) and cost a load in legal bills paid for by the rate payer. I believe the code of conduct is therefore completely ineffective. I care little for the document. It is not worth the paper it is written on.

      • cracker666 says:

        We saw that with the Bluff Community Board. ES is currently revising their governance statement, according to their website. Perhaps a few submissions, especially as they are getting paid to do their job, on potential CoC breaches might be in order.
        It’s not as if we have party ‘tickets’ down here, either. This is one particular clique who don’t like not getting their own way. As we all know, cliques are for teenage girls and people with an over-inflated sense of their own importance. And they are dangerous.

        • Mr E says:

          They can do what ever they like. They have proven they will. It is not of interest to me any more. If they want to act like a pack of fools they will not get any attention from me. I have better ways to use my time.

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