Brilliant. If We Had 100km Of Trails.

Posted: January 28, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

This is the sort of event we should be aiming to attract.  A friend of mine is doing the Oxfam 100km trail walk in April.

While we don’t have the interesting range and varied sort of terrain that Kinloch to Taupo has, a quick root around on Google Maps shows (excuse the shitty arrows, but some of us have work to do) at least 70kms of everything from beach to bush to roads starting at Oreti Beach – and given the Kremlin owns most of the land between the estuary and Omaui, the road walking to Bluff could be minimised.  Add an exciting barge trip across to Tiwai so the walk can resume, et voila!

walkThere are 234 teams entered in the Oxfam walk – that’s 936 people plus support crews.  They are raising money for poverty – and have raised $125,000 collectively so far.  How about – given Gilbert Gottfried the Mayor seems to imply in his last City Talk that the city won’t pay for it – we charge $200 per team ($50 per person) to help pay for the upkeep on the walk/cycleway from Invers to Bluff if those drongoes stop throwing money at crap like skate parks and yacht races and put the money into a sustainable tourism option involving a lot of people?

I’m a bit nutty and see a 100km walk as nothing major in that it’s a challenge that can be done by most people.  It also is, if promoted properly (i.e. not by the Kremlin) a great PR and marketing exercise for the city.  Add a 100km run option for nutters (WADROC) who like ultra-marathons.

If the course is organised correctly, traffic management costs will be minimal, and volunteers will staff the aid stations.  I reckon it would be a great walk/run and a great opportunity.

Fat chance the Kremlin will do it properly though – watch for some clever bugger to use the Northern Southland Cycle Trail to do it while us poor silly buggers end up paying for a concrete montrosity used for huffing and teenage groping.


  1. Dave Kennedy says:

    Or rather than a circular trail it could start at Riverton, follow Oreti beach, then follow your route around Sandy Point to Invercargill. The cycle track beside the Waihopai and estuary could be extended round to Omaui, then round the coast to Bluff Hill. There would be lots of varied terrain and could include the top of Bluff hill to take in some views.

  2. Theposterformerlyknownas says:

    Phwoar that sounds like a lot of hard work. I guess it’s just dumb luck that I was born into a generation that has oodles of fossil fuels to burn which can propel me the distances of which you speak in double quick time.

  3. cracker666 says:

    i did a 100km run once. That was hard work. Especially once you start hallucinating and losing control of your legs. A 100km walk is far more convivial, especially if you have a crate at each drinks station.

    • Theposterformerlyknownas says:

      Next time you find yourself in that unfortunate situation give me a yell and I’ll loan you some gas money. Or if your Humber 80 has thrown a rod or burnt out it’s points I’d be happy to loan you the Hummer until you can get it fixed.

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