I’ve Often Wondered….

Posted: January 29, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

….why South Korea doesn’t use the de-stabilising tactics perfected by their Western Allies to undermine the North Korean government of loons.

Then today I read this:

In May in Haeju, South Hwanghae’s main city, a man who had killed 11 people and sold the meat as pork was executed by firing squad.

That’s the least disturbing bit, so those with delicate constitutions should think twice about clicking the link above.  I asked a mate, long experienced in covering the two Koreas as an economist and also as a bit of a ‘foreign policy analyst’ (ahem), why the populace didn’t just rise up and beat the living shit out of the Kims.

The North Korean elite are nothing without what they have at the moment (so they aren’t going to give it up), the Chinese like having that land barrier between them and South Korea and the American troops there, and to be honest, with active military as one in four of the population, the indoctrination, and the fact this is no East Germany/West Germany integration, you are not going to see an uprising any time soon, no matter how awful things get.  South Korea taking over to assist (not assimilate – that’s way too hard) now would be like getting a person allergic to cats to clean out and remodel the mad cat lady’s house. (NB that’s a reference to a former neighbour – Ed.)

It must be diabolical in the North.  And we have churnalists whinging about people getting $76,000 for essentially doing nothing.  Talk about first world problems.

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