Good Work Kylie. Good Work Sheree. And Now For Some Questions.

Posted: February 12, 2013 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

Kylie says:

City Talk is on tomorrow at 8.00pm

I haven’t been reading the paper so I don’t know what’s hot but maybe they would like to tell the public what ‘negotiations’ ICC are protecting when they had public excluded in Bluff under the heading of A2B Yacht Race?

As a lead agency in the organising and promoting of the event could they tell us what has been discussed regarding the condition of the (derelict) old town wharf?

Make the call – 0508 788 000

Bugger the potholes, they can be rung through or submitted via the website.  When do we get to put questions to those we elect? Tomorrow at 8.00PM!!!

And Sheree gives us the info:

Hi Kylie,
FYI: City Talk Wed Night.
Panel will be Dep. Mayor Darren Ludlow, Richard King & Paul Casson.
Public was Vox popped today on the A2B Yacht Race and topics to be discussed are;
* CEO Reappointment
* Sister City 20th Anniversary Celebrations
* Bluff Maritime Museum 20th Anniversary Open Day
* A2B Yacht Race
Along with any others from callers.
Thanks for the promo on your blog.
Kind regards

Now this could be very interesting.  Here’s some potential questions (any chairs or Councillors from other Councils, please get your mum/wife/husband/next door neighbour or kids to ring so you have plausible deniability):

  1. Why is the Venture Southland Charitable Trust not registered with the Charities Commission?
  2. Is it to avoid having to supply public accounts?
  3. What has the Venture Southland Charitable Trust spent money on in the last 12 months?
  4. Why aren’t their accounts public?
  5. What exactly is the litigation referred to by Gilbert Gottfried the Mayor over the CEO appointment in his latest front page rambling?
  6. What value is to be gained from spending $40,000 on a visit by some twenty-eighth tier Japanese local body officials?
  7. Are you contributing to any official information act requests on the A2B yacht race?
  8. Are the government agencies asking you for info getting a bit fucked off? (might pay to use “hosed off” as Bill Claridge is a bit of a numpty)
  9. Why does Invercargill City Council have a community development division when Venture Southland has one?
  10. What has the CEO achieved in the last 25 years?
  11. How do we justify $20 million on the museum?
  12. Can they recite section 11a of the Local Government Act?

and so many more….I think I have a free night tomorrow.  Might charge the phone up….but feel free to have a crack yourselves.  Just be aware that the panel will have a whole lot of their pals primed to ring in with patsy questions, and the host is no Paul Holmes….

  1. Village person says:

    City Talk, Kumagaya, intersections…..Jesus is weeping!

  2. Timoti says:

    where the hell is Ruby when you need her? That was so inane and scary at the same time it’s not funny. Notice no one mentioned cost of anything?

  3. Kylie says:

    I got sidetracked with kids and totally forgot but others have told me how scary it was…how much do we pay for this ‘orchestra’? What’s an hour of regional TV cost?

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