There’s A Hole In The (Money) Bucket

Posted: April 11, 2014 by cracker666 in Uncategorized

Because someone is leaking.

Fortunately for the elected members, we know it isn’t them, due to the level of detail given in this public relations piece.  So which of the two senior Kremlin staff involved in discussions made up this self-serving story?

We know that one of the two senior Kremlin staff loves having cosy chit chats over coffee with the fish n chipper, and is desperate to slot Rugby Park under the wing of long-suffering ratepayers to try and gain the undeserved respect he so craves, despite being incapable of organising a piss up in a brewery.

Unfortunately, the story omits a few crucial points.  One, what does it say in the Draft Annual Plan?


Hmmm.  That’s a bit at odds with what it says in the story.

Two, omitting the Park from the Draft Annual Plan means the Kremlin has triggered section 83 of the Local Government Act and must now go through a Special Consultative Procedure.  It is, after all, a “significant asset” according to the Part-Time Mayor.

The press release story seems confident the transfer will go through.

Given that Councillors have been given no detail on:

  • The cost of deferred maintenance
  • The cost of ongoing maintenance
  • The cost of earthquake strengthening
  • and answers as to why the Trust/Rugby Southland have not bothered to try and create any revenue streams,

if it does get through the Council meeting (which in itself is dubious as the Part-Time Mayor and Cllr Dennis are already ruled out of voting), then those Councillors who vote for it need a kick up the arse for abrogating their fiduciary responsibility to ratepayers.

As for the fish n chipper, well…you’ve been played like a $2 Shop flute.

  1. paulinemnz says:

    Reading the headlines in the South Times today depressed me ..because I realise that with the calibra of most on council the takeover etc of Rugby park will most likely go through and with all the extra money the Community Trust demand on to the ratepayer etc And yeap the majority of council will agree to put it on the ratepayer ..

    YES Paddy I also ask those questions you ask and more … I look at the council now and realise most on council are collecting the super with the pocket money they enjoy thanks to us ratepayers .. why care if the ratepayer will need to pay more ..heck they can afford more rates with their income …

    Who to blame now … well last election we had several young potential council candidates ..yes quite green to reality of politics etc …but in discussion some of them were quite sensible and had potential to make a refreshing change on council if given the chance ….

    WHY didnt they get on council … BECAUSE nearly 60% of registered voters were too lazy and too selfish too self interested to bother filling in their voting papers and then post them in IF they voted these drones on council that keep on making these appalling decisions of wasted money ie ( boat race etc ) would have been given the electoral boot they deserved …heck Boniface has been on longer on council than before many voters were born!!

    Basically unless we can get people to vote ..and NO I don’t accept we need electronic voting as really it doesn’t take much to tick a few boxes on a paper and post etc back in etc …I am not sure if these lazy non voters would use the electronic voting anyway !!
    We are going to keep on getting what we have already got on council drones who are mainly there for the social advantages and the easy good pocket money

  2. TNA says:

    More people voting?

    That’s the last thing you want; compulsory in voting in Australia produces a proven left of centre bias as the feckless, when forced to think, will choose the option least likely to threaten their generous benefits.

  3. Philip T says:

    The simple answer to getting rid of the professional drones is to make the term anyone can serve finite as they do in the USA. 8 years over there which is two terms. We could go to three terms and be generous. Our local body politics is being destroyed by the people who think its their right to sit there for year after year doing nothing apart from filling their bank balances. Because their names come up often in the news they are always going to find it easy to get elected.

  4. Theposterformerlyknkownas says:

    I wonder if the anticipated public consultation was ticked off as the supposed vast public representation at the recent crisis meeting?

    Also, if the trust is in such a parlous financial state why hasn’t it gone to the open market to try and get the best price for the stadium? Could it be something to do with the fact any sale to the council will involve imaginary sums of money far exceeding anything any interested private party would be prepared to fork out? Hang on, it’s my money they’re using, how do I know I’m getting a good deal on this fire sale?

    I mean why would I pay top dollar for a pig of an investment?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to run a petition? Clearly council run draft plan questionnaires get binned as soon as the inconvenient answers are collated so perhaps we just need to run our own consultation?

    • Philip.T says:

      Poster boy look no further than those behind the save the pussies online petition. Close to 20,000 people got on board. Interestingly run by one of the mayors ex PA’s.
      What is happening with Rugby Park is that it is also diverting attention away from the the indoor stadium which is presently struggling to pay its own running costs without any thoughts to paying back ratepayer funded multi million dollar loans. The squeeze has gone on cycling and now their books are in a mess so it will be down hill from here on in. The Rugby Park fiasco is being pushed by some interested parties so that it can be used as the precedent for things to come.
      There are rumblings from some areas on the edge of town to begin the process to get back under the control of the Southland District Council and then not having to be a forced funder of the city councils dreams. Could set of a domino effect.

      • Notmickeymouseorstupid says:

        Phil,The indoor stadium suck up about $600K in grants from ICC and a chunk of this is for interest payments so looks like ratepayers are paying off the loan in any event, and Dennis says they’d like to hand over a debt free stadium at some stage, pretty damn easy when you get around 600K PA ex the ratepayers pockets.

        If anyone does set up a petition, they should do 2, one to say no to Rugby Park, and one to cast a vote of no confidence in this current council and present the latter to the minister.

        • paulinemnz says:

          The problem is not mickey etc is that a petition asking the council to resign would be a waste of time. The Christchurch people found this out a few years ago with a petition telling Parker to resign. Parker replied no that he was given a mandate to govern by the people of Christchurch for three years .. and that Mickey is reality our council was given last year a three year mandate to represent us …the only way we can get them out of office is if individually they were had up in court and found guilty for some criminal offence OR died in office .

          Other than that sorry but until 2016 we are stuck with them! Now you understand why it makes me so angry at the selfishness of the non voter ..we could have enjoyed a change on council and a group of councilors that could have seen a different approach to the problems of rugby park

          • Notmickeymouseorstupid says:

            Nope, the CHCH people did not put a petition forward (i was there) they protested but at no stage did they gather enough signatures to present to the minister to actually act or install a ministerial team, observer or manager. What was presented at the meeting was a letter asking for the removal of certain people (the Crown put in a claytons observer who seemed to sleep a lot)

            While the CHCH protest may not have removed anyone, have a read of the upgraded powers of the minister in the amended Local Government ACT.

            But yes, lazy and apathetic voters are a major issue in this country.

  5. Philip.T says:

    Why is it that the council details cost centres in the rates demands but we cant see this other stuff. We have separate amounts for parks, library, drainage, refuse collection etc yet there is this great big black hole that is swallowing up money and most will never know how much or why.
    Rugby park is just one and to expect an old pensioner who just happens to pay rates in Invercargill to subsidise players who are earning mega dollars so they have somewhere to play is just downright disgraceful. The 600K was paid when there was no stadium which should not have happened but the whole issue up there is straight out corruption with certain people pocketing large amounts of money being in the right place at the right time. They are presently trying to squash a report on the old stadium collapse which is another example of corrupt practices.

  6. As above. says:

    Most of the comments I’ve just read in this post are political without going into the topic of the post too much. The two or three months before any election are always the same. Bitter feelings come out of the woodwork not to be heard again until the next election.The angriest and most bitter are the last to actually take any political action. By this I mean joining a political party, going to the monthly meetings, paying the annual $10 fee or whatever it is, and then having a hand in selecting a candidate, and making sure he or she takes concerns to the appropriate place. This is called “working within the system”, yet so few can be bothered with this basic democratic process. Mayoral and council elections are similar. Any of us has our chance to have our say publicly in the run up to council elections, but very little of what people for example in this blog have to say gets a public hearing at a city council meeting. You have to ask why this is. My opinion is that it is a lack of courage. On my income of $9,800 a year I have to pay $1600 rates per annum for my very small section and house in Clifton. However because I’m not afraid to have my say from time to time, I have just filled out an ICC Submission Form objecting to the proposed rise in rates for South Invercargill to pay the salary of a coordinator for South Alive. The rates will probably go up anyway, but I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow when I post the Submission Form.

    • Philip T says:

      As above you are partly right but peoples lives go on and we should be able to be happy that those who do want to be involved act with integrity. I have in the past been involved and put large amounts of my time at considerable cost into something I believed in and others have come along and done the same since. However at times you have to look closer to home and make sure you are around for your family and children and again when in business other things take precedence so we should be careful about pointing fingers. The other big thing that has happened in my lifetime is many things have completely failed to keep up with the modern communication technology so young people have moved on and its us who have fallen behind. The Submission process is a good example as its like rowing one of those old slave galleys and the results are never that clearcut. We need to become far more able to react and interact and find ways of giving people the tools so they can see that they can make a difference.
      A good example would be the trial one laning of Dee Street. Imagine if we had the instant ability to text no, yes, dumb or great to 414 and the results were on the council facebook site every morning. People would participate. However if we go through a laborious public consultation most just wont be bothered.
      Businesses are having to think and act a lot smarter and changes are coming every month or two. I can look at an app on my phone as I head into Queenstown and see a selections of accommodation suppliers with customer feedback ratings and with another three taps on my phone book in for a night. It even works in Europe. Quick simple and has the ability to use customer word of mouth which is usually the best advertising. Its no longer good enough to take out the biggest add in the AA book, you need to walk the talk.
      That is driven by customer demand and meeting customer expectations.
      Unfortunately councils don’t understand that and would rather distance themselves from customer expectations as it just means more work and their audience is captive anyway so why worry.
      When the light goes on at what Paddy calls the Kremlin and they see what could be achieved by working with instead of expecting the ratepayers to work for them the change will be quick and it will be dramatic. Tim needs to get over thinking he is the biggest add in the book and get on making the people of Invercargill want to engage and be part of a great city. Richard King needs to sit his staff down every Monday morning and ask them each what action they took last week to make Invercargill a better place to live or do business. Its not hard but culture change is slow.

  7. paulinemnz says:

    As above I have stood for election to local govt several times ..and yes I use to belong to a political party etc. for over 30yrs …not now as you as do get a little tired of being so closely involved etc …. instead I still take an interest in politics I do vote etc…why the welfare of my country/community is important to me.
    I now I choose instead of being closely involved in politics to get an education and with it gained the knowledge to be able to make relevant comments on topics.

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